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Times are changing fast so just visiting a useless website becomes quickly obsolete. So we want to give you the best solution to waste some time when you are bored and you start to search google for keywords like: “useless websites”, “the useless web”, “useless website”, “useless web”, “take me to a useless website”, “pointless websites”, “random website”, “the bored button”, “i am bored” or any other key phrase that you may think of in your boring hours.

So instead of hitting that please / bored  button and end up on random useless websites why not try another useless website and you can visit the websites without having to open and close tabs. This is suppose to be entertaining and easy not a click marathon of opening and closing tabs and windows.

A random useless link generator is the best way to spend some time surfing the web easily and fun. You just visit the useless web generator and a new link will appear each time. It’s easy to go back to the useless websites generator after you visit a useless website, just click on the link at the top of the page:”Go back to The Useless Web Button to visit another useless website”

Top useless websites star rating system

On each useless website page you also have a star rating system, right under the useless websites name. You can choose to vote with one to five stars; 5 being the highest rating, meaning that you like the useless website the most. Under the stars you have the voting results, the score and number of votes.

At the end of the page, just after the useless websites, you can leave a comment. Comments are a great way to express your opinion about the useless website viewed.

So what are you waiting for? go and have fun rating your top useless websites!

take me to another useless website

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