Another Useless Website

Another Useless Website is the best solution for you if you are searching for a way to waste some time. Whether you are at work, school, home, waiting for something or someone, on public transport, mostly any place and time you may think of, visiting will surely help the time go faster and probably make you smile also.

The internet is a great, huge place where you can find almost everything that you need. Searching on the internet started to identify more and more with Google, that’s where the phrase google it came from, instead of saying search for it on Google Search, you just say Google this. When you feel a little bored, have some time to kill, and you have a computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone or even a smart tv (why not) nearby just Google for or you can just type the link. It’s as easy as it comes, no need for any other additions like .com /. org/ .net/ .us/ .info, etc…you just type what you want to see, specifically AnotherUseless.Website , and you are set to go.

Let the fun times begin!

If you read this it means that you are in, you are entering the useless websites kingdom. Who is the King you ask? Well, my friend you are the King now, just sit back, (or stand) relax and let us take you on the journey of the useless web. It can be a little weird at times, some say also silly, fun, strange but it’s sure is the best place to find websites to waste time on.
If you want, you can refer to AnotherUseless.Website as the Disneyland of Useless Websites.

disneyland of useless websites

So you sat on your throne and started to shout: Take me to a useless website! Some or f you may say it in a more polite manner by adding a please, but others can be more incisive saying: Take me to a useless website now! Either way we’ve got you covered, let the buffon entertain you with some of our finest pointless websites. You just need to click on the useless web button and it will take you somewhere useless. There are other options out there, like theuselessweb, or theuselesswebindex, boredbutton, pointless sites, weird websites but none offers the sweet ride that we do. The special , magical symbols on the left of your screen are transporters to the main parts of the kingdom. Starting with home, random, list, submit and ending with contact. Home could be considered the castle, random is where the magic happens, each time you click you are taken to a new and exciting world (useless and weird). List is like a book with all the kingdom’s interesting places, you then have submit with is where you can try your luck and share your view of a useless website with the rest of the world. Contact is like the town hall, post office, police of the kingdom all in one, you can send a message about anything and everything you want.

This is long enough to get you bored if you weren’t  before reading it, so you can now start the random walk through the useless website woods.

The complete useless websites collection