whattaclick.com is a useless website that you can find with the useless web button on Another Useless Website, the most pointless websites online


whattaclick is a funny useless website with a hidden quest. When you first open the page you are presented with a lot of faces and by clicking on them you can turn them into smiley faces, frown faces, angry faces, etc. If you are very persistent in clicking you can also find hidden gems like the yellow smiley or the green smiley with a white tooth. To reveal the green smiley you need to start clicking on the faces until you find one that slowly rotates. Once you find it, start clicking on it until it goes into a fast rotation and eventually transforms into the green smiley with a white tooth.
Now let’s learn how to find the yellow smiley at www.whattaclick.com. The yellow smiley is the one that changes back to a neutral smile even after you clicked on it. The trick here is to click on it when you are close to 200 clicks, so go ahead click on other faces and when you are near the magical number start clicking on the identified face as returning to the neutral shape. On the 200th click it will change into a yellow smiley.
Have fun finding the hidden faces on whattaclick.com
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I click on smileys?
A: There are too many reasons to list (but we listed them all anyway):

Because you have nothing else to do. Or propably you should be doing all kinds of things, but instead you avoid starting to work by clicking on yet another round of smilies.
Because clicking on smilies make smilies happy (okay some of them get grumpy, but that’s their problem). And if smilies are happy there will be a rainbow in the summer!
Because it makes your short time on earth more meaningful
Because it’s a great thing to see what you have accomplished
Because you never know..
Because I bet you can find more happy smilies with 100 clicks than your annoying friend
Because it makes your fingers stronger
Because your mean dad will hate it when you waste your time on things like this
Because it’s more fun than climbing in a tree
Because clicking on bitmap images is the only thing that makes you feel special these days
Because you are stressed and need a break from all the bs
Because you just have to know if something will happen when you click enough times
Because you are a good person
Because you have no tv, car nor Burger King close by
Because clicking is a very basic human need
Because your doctor would advice you against it
Because it’s easier than mathematics but more difficult than frying an egg.
Because you can’t risk not clicking on them
Because reading this faq doesn’t get you anywhere

Q: Will there be a secret reward if I click one thousand times?
A: The only way to find out is to do it..

Q: Will there be a secret reward if I click one million times?
A: Yes. But it’s probably not worth it.

Q: Is it really random?
A: Yes, but only because nobody dears to look inside the box with the cat in it

Q: In what kind of ways can you play with it?
A: Ask your partner, how could we know?
Oh you mean like play with whattaclick?
Well, you can see which one gets more smiling faces with 20 clicks
Or take a single click duel to solve a tough decision like “who gets to drink the last beer”. If you get a happy face and your friend gets a grumpy face -you win. If both get a similar face, it’s a rematch.
Try which one can activate all faces in a shorter period of time and charge a 1 second fine from each click that goes over 135
Play it like a coinflip
Play it like a treasure hunt: for example who can find the smilie that is in love first?