boohbah zone

Boohbah Zone
boohbah zone


Boohbah Zone is a useless weird game.
It was inspired from the British television show for babies or toddlers.
The furry characters teach children counting, the colors and some basic motor skills.
The show had 5 Boohbahs: Humbaha (yellow Boohbah), Zumbah (purple Boohbah), Zing Zing Zingbah (orange Boohbah), Jumbah (blue Boohbah) and Jingbah (pink Boohbah).
Boohbahs are furry creatures shaped like a drop.
They like to fly and gather in circles holding hands.
Boohbahs can’t speak, they instead emit sounds like clicks, squeaks, poofs and squeals.
If needed the head of a Boohbah can act similar to a turtle’s one, hiding.
Click and explore the strange world of the Boohbahs.
Try to discover the hidden mini-games.

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