family guy laughing ostrich

Family Guy Laughing Ostrich
family guy laughing ostrich


Family Guy Laughing Ostrich useless website
Eddie is the laughing ostrich from Family Guy.
The voice of A Live Ostrich Character belongs to Seth MacFarlane.
Also known as Eddie the Live Studio Ostrich he had a few appearances in the show.
One of them is season 7 episode 7, Ocean’s Three and a Half, where he gets the last laugh at the end of the episode.
In this episode Two and a Half Men is being filmed in front of a live ostrich as the sole audience member.
This is where the term ostrich joke comes from.
Is season 15 episode 20, A Live Ostrich is back, this time in the episode called A House Full of Peters, where he joins in with a HA HA when everybody was laughing.
When all eyes are on him he says: oh! sorry, wrong house!
A few houses further an ostrich from a group of ostriches sees him saying: Hey look, Eddie’s at the wrong house! and all the ostriches laugh in the Ha Ha way.
Another episode where we find A Live Ostrich is Episode VI: It’s a Trap.
Family Guy Laughing Ostrich will give you an instant ostrich laugh
The laughing ostrich from Family Guy use it when you need a quick ostrich like laugh. Ha ha!

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